Exhibition of games

Virtual exhibition of old board games.

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Price, Payments and Delivery

You will obtain the access code to the virtual tour of tabletop games of our mums and grannies to your email after the purchase. The exhibition includes the tabletop games since the 1920-1990 and a lot of other period toys with the focus on Schowanek/Tofa production. The exhibition is located in several rooms where you can move and turn around freely from the virtual spots.

Online access valid for 48 hours .....45 Kč /CZK/

The access code will be delivered on payment to the email you stated in your entrance form.

Online payment is ensured by the payment gateway ComGate. The service provider, ComGatePayments, a.s. is the licensed payment institution under the Czech National Bank supervision. Payments realized via payment gateway are fully secured and all information is coded.

Card Payments

It´s the fastest way of payment online. You will enter your card details to the gateway ComGate interface: card number, valid thru and CVC code (three digit code you will find on a reverse side of your card in the signature line). Everything is secured by the 3DSecure standard so your bank will probably send you the authorisation request to enter the number code you obtain in sms.

Bank Transaction Payments

An instant payment via interbanking. The gateway ComGate will forward you to your interbanking service you enter as usual and confirm the given payment order.

On completing the payment you will be forwarded back to the shop. Platba je potvrzena okamžitě, budeme bez odkladu pokračovat v realizaci objednávky.


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