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Personal Data Processing Consent

I agree with collecting, storing and processing personal data included in this form by admin Jan Moravec Jan Moravec,V lánech 158, Praha 8, 18200, Česká republika, IČ: 71522379 for the purpose stated below. This consent is given for all the data included in the form for the period of 5 years since the day of the consent was given. At the same time I am aware of my right in accordance with § 12 a 21 Act No. 101/2000 on personal data protection. I was informed about every part of the form, all the data are exact, true and they are provided voluntarily.

The object of personal data processing

In accordance with the law § 5 Act No. 101/2000 on personal data protection, the object of collecting and processing of all the data included in this form exclusivelly is providing the ordered services and sending the trade information to the subject via electronic media according the Act No. 480/2004 on some services of information society till the date when the subject directly and effectively sends the admin the note that he or she does not want to receive any further trade information from the admin, maxim. for the period of 5 years. The data summarized from this fom can be used by the admin for the purpose of statistics, namely the admin´s internal needs.

The admin declaration

The admin declares that he will collect the personal data to the extent necessary for the obtaining the stated purpose and he will process it only in agreement with the purpose for which they were collected. The employees of the admin or any other physical subjects who processes the data on the basis of contract with the admin and other subjects are obliged to maintain confidentiality of the personal data also after terminating their work contract.

These websites are provided by Jan Moravec,V lánech 158, Praha 8, 18200, Česká republika, IČ: 71522379.

Access to websites

When our internet websites are entered, certain data from your browser will be transmitted to our web server. It is necessary for technical reasons, to make required information available to you. To enable access to our websites, we collect, store and use for a short time the following data:

  • IP address,
  • access date and time,
  • GMT time difference,
  • the content of requirement (the specific website),
  • state of access/http status code,
  • volume of transmitted data,
  • website requiring access,
  • browser, language set up, operation system of browser software - version and level

Usage of cookies

To improve the functionality of websites, evaluate their visits and optimalize marketing activity we use cookie files on our websites. Cookies are small text files which are stored by the browser locally in the computer which shows the website.

Cookies are not for and are not allowed to identify the users of the website personally. The list of all the cookies we collect on our websites is in the table:

Name of the cookie

Span of life

Purpose and Content


1 year

identifies the language version of the web


till closing the browser window


2 years

distinguising the visitor, protected by web tracking application GA


2 years

distinguising the visitor, protected by web tracking application GA


1 year

prohibites showing cookie banner

In the case the user does not agree with storing of cookies, he can prevent it by changing the set up of his browser.

Analysis of the website

Our websites use the service of websites analysis Google Analytics Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA („Google“).

Google will do the analysis of your usage of our websites. For this purpose we also use the cookies from the table above. Information collected by Google company in connection with your usage of our internet sites (e.g. reference URL, our websites you visited, your browser type, your language set up, your operation system, your monitor set up) will be transmitted to the server of Google company in the USA where they are stored and analyzed. The relevant results are provided back in anonymized form. Your usage data will not be connected with your entire IP address during this process. We installed on our websites the function of anonymizing of IP address offered by Google which erases last 8 digits (type IPv4) or last 80 bits (type IPv6) of your IP address. In addition Google has the EU-US Privacy Shield, which secures that the adequate level of protection of personal data is observed while their processing by Google company in the USA.

Your consent with the web sites analysis can be cancelled anytime, by downloading and installing Google Browser Plugin, provided, or by management of your consent in set up of your browser. Both possibilities will prevent the analysis of the web sites only if you use the browser where you install the plug in and unless you delete the prohibiting cookies.

For further information on Google Analytics see Podmínky užívání Google Analytics, Směrnice pro ochranu osobních údajů Google Analytics a Politika ochrany osobních údajů Google.

Information on extent and purpose of personal data processing and data subjects rights

The company Jan Moravec processes your personal data for the purpose of realization of the orders, booking, entering into contract and performing the contracts connecting with offerred and provided service, next in the cases imposed by the law, especially on local charges for purposes of charging a spa or recreational stay, charging the accomodation capacities and the law on foreigners residention where providing the personal data is obligatory.

Personal data are processed only to the extent imposed by the law or to the extent required, including basic contact data and identification data of the physical subject. Personal data are processed by the physical subject Jan Moravec, as the admin, or his contracted processors automatically or by using other means.

Any persons who are in the contact with the personal data are obliged to maintain the confidentiality as for the given personal data and safety precautions to protect them. This obligation continues also in the case of terminating the legal bond with the physical subject of Jan Moravec, or its contracted processor.

Right of users and others persons connected with personal data processing

You are entitled to the following rights based on the legislation on personal data protection:

  • rights to the information of your personal data we store;
  • right to demand correction, deleting or limiting processing of your personal data;
  • right to object processing your personal data based on your legitimate interests or profiles, if we are not able to prove that some serious and guarranted purposes exceed your interests, rights and freedom, or that this processing is done for the purpose of applying or defending legal demands;
  • right to transferrability of data;
  • right to complain to the authority on personal data protection;
  • your consent with collecting, processing and using your personal data can be cancelled anytime, For further information see chapters above dealing with processing your data based on your agreement

If you want to apply your rights, send your request to the contact provided bellow.

Contact date of the personal data administrator

Jan Moravec
V lánech 158
Praha 8
182 00
IČ: 71522379
mail: 776095050@seznam.cz